martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Speaking Test


1 Describe a photo or picture.
2 Answer some questions about the following topics:
a. Lance Amstrong Bio Life and Controversial Career

b. Armstrong admits doping to Ophrah

c. Lance Amrstrong on telling his son the truth

d. Using drugs to cheat in sports

e. When we grow

f. The 27 Club

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

A different point of view of the Spanish crisis.

Here's the counter view to the crisis in Spain. The video shows all the positive things about Spain, which will surprise many, as some of them aren't so well publicised.

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

The Ostrich Pillow

1 Ostrich pillow commercial

2 The Morning Show : The Ostrich Pillow

3 Ostrich Pillow's UK TV debut on The Jonathan Ross Show

The Horse Dance

1 Psy.Gangman Style Video

2 PSY - Performs on 'The X-Factor Australia'

3How to "Gangnam Style" Dance Tutorial with PSY

3 Britney Learns 'Gangnam Style' from Psy!

4 Psy Extended Interview

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012


A look-alike is a person who closely resembles another person

A Kate Middleton look-a-like is making a thousand dollars a day posing as the princess-to-be

TAPLEY ENTERTAINMENT: The complete source for celebrity lookalikes & impersonators for entertainment & special events.

Celebrity Looh A Like Generator

sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

Talking to robots

1 Interview with a robot.

National correspondent Amy Harmon sits down to talk with the Bina48 about what it's like to be a robot.

2 Talking Robots

Speak with an intelligent robot

3 Create a speaking avatar

Create a speaking character and share it with your friends

4 20 Questions